Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week #89 Training a Replacement!

     This week was busy!!  We had transfers this week, everything went good. I got a new companion I'm training here in the office - - Elder Schmitz from Ohio - - he's cool.  This is my 6th transfer in the office and I have 1 more transfer after this.  So since I got a companion to train that means I will have 1 more transfer in the Field!!  Hehe - -  I'm so pumped!  Counting down the days till I can get back out there man!  Whenever I see everyone their always like, "Bro, Akina you're so white!"  Ha-ha  - - not anymore.  So these next couple of weeks I have to make sure Elder Schmitz knows everything so he can be ready to help the new President who gets here next week. 
     We are going to have 2 meetings this week, each one with half of the mission.  That's been crazy to plan, vans and buses and all that - - but it should be good.
     Its been too long since weve baptized in my area :/ like were finding people to teach, but just no one wants to come to church.  So we spent this week reevaluating what needs to be done to change that.  If you want different results you have to change the process, otherwise we're just wasting our time, which we don't have a lot of.  Elder Nunez goes home on this next transfer. I seriously can't believe I'm on my last 12 weeks. Too quick.   
     Literally everyone wants a Hawaii tie, like 15 elders call me daily asking.  I went to a
dermatologist because of this infection that I had is coming back. Dudes that don't clean there clippers!  I am ok Mom, don't worry. Daang - - Lol I literally forgot about my birthday. I don't need anything mom. 
     I'll send some pictures.  Love you guys.  Falou.  Elder Akina

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #88 Happy Father's Day

Hey Mom - -
     The Canuto's leave the end of this month :/ , however we're excited to receive our new Mission President!
     This week has been crazy, sending everyone home on Tuesday so I'm busy trying to get all their documentation straight so they can leave the country with no problems.
     Congrats on a successful Girls camp!  The youth are so important and are my favorite group to work with!  I have to buy medicine for my head thats 200R$ - - its manipulated (not sure what this means - - trying not to worry)  . But I'm okay.  Love you!! - - Elder Akina

A letter to Daddy-O:
    Daaaadd!!  Happy Fathers Day!!  (tomorrow but still) Dad I've been super busy renewing Visas.  We had an emergency transfer yesterday and some crazy stuff take place :/   We have transfers this Tuesday and 23 missionaries going home!  So I'm hustling trying to get all these missionaries' documents together so they can leave the country legally. 

My 2 favorite boys! 

Somebody grew!

But I love you man, thank you for your example to me.   You've always been the type of person that just gets it done - - even if you don't want to and that one of the most valuable things I have learned while I have been out here.  The most special moments on my mission is when I see myself using what you guys (you and mom) have been trying to instill in me my whole life.  Our Savior Jesus Christ has really helped me see that.  So - - thank you Pops!  Have a good Fathers Day and thank you for being mine. Love you.   Elder Akina

Week #87 Busy - - Short Note

     Mom I'm doing good.  I will write you Monday I gotta take care of some stuff today.
     Love You, Elder Akina

     Sad Face, no other letters arrived!  That mission office must be a hub of activity. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week #86 Videos

     So this week has been just straight rain, all day every day - -  which has complicated a lot of things for us over here.  The mom and daughter we are teaching didn't go to church last week, the mom was sick.  She is getting a lot of pressure from her family - - they are all against the church, mostly because they don't know anything about it.  So we are struggling with that.
     Today we have some good stuff planned, some new people we are working with to try and get a baptism this month, it's been a while.  We taught the kid from the basketball court, his mom doesn't want him taking our lessons so were going wait a while then go back.
     That's pretty much it, I put 2 videos up on the dropbox, for you to watch.  We made them for the mission here in the office. *(We'll try to post videos for your enjoyment - - not sure we can get them to load on the blog.)
     Love you guys!!  Elder Akina