Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week #68 I need Ammo!

Hi Mama - -      
     I renewed 4 visas this week including my own and will do 2 more this week. I also did the Historico of the mission which took a bunch of time too, (it's pretty much like a yearbook of the mission for this past year) but got it done. English class is going good, we have a bunch of new people attending.  The family we found we had to cut, they weren't cumprindo com os compromisos. Our water in our house got cut this week, we took showers in buckets and I learned how to wash clothes by hand (like the official way). 
     Wait Mom - - did you send the second box yet?  Could you send me a Nerf gun? Everyone here in the office has one and our Assistants too!  One of these, it's like 9 bucks. They are super expensive here, I think it would be better if you sent it.  Amo too!  Oh - - can you send one for my companion too?  Mom when you send them - - do not write on the box "play guns" or "Nerf gun" it will get stolen for sure - - doesn't matter how many Virgin Mary stickers you put on that box - - LoL!
     Our mission is doing really well, it's really progressing. 
     Amo Vocês! Tchau Elder Akina

Front sign at the office

The requested teaching tools have been acquired and are ready to ship!
This is my Terere cup and Bomba, it's suuuuper good.  It's a drink. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week #67 Teaching Again!

    Yes I received a package from the Stuarts!!  So - - shout out to the Stuarts, big mahalo! They had sent some like girls hair ties/ pin thingies to share; Sister Canuto (President's wife) passed by my desk the other day and she loved them!  So now she is using them  - - ha ha.      I renewed 5 visas yesterday, it was really busy.   We got a taxi at 6 in the morning from our house to the Polica Federal and the came the LINE :/ uughh!   It takes forever, but it is pretty cool because you meet people from all over the world who are renewing visas or protocals.  We got in everything worked out - - I had all the right paperwork so that was good. The hardest part about the visas isn't the going part, it's getting all the documents and paperwork together part!  idk I think it is just organization and prayer  - - lol!  
Multi-Zona in Piracicaba
     Every 6 weeks we get new missionaries from the MTC, and yeah you guys are right - -  we haven't gotten any American Elders in a while.  We have been getting a ton of sisters, it's just sister Americans that are coming this transfer.  idk why the Elders stopped coming.      Last Sunday I had the first investigator in church since I've been here!   It was cool, we went back to teach a couple more times this week, and the whole family will be going this week.  The challenge with this family is that they all drink, a lot.   We have a sick lesson planned for them and church will be good this Sunday,  so I'm excited. 
     I'm getting kinda worried about the Christmas box that I sent.  The postal lady told me 20 days for delivery and it's been more than 20 days since I sent it.  Fingers crossed  - - I hope it will get there okay. 
     I kinda miss P days - - P day is pretty much like a normal day, stuff to do in the office. Oh  - - President Canuto told me he sent you a letter, be on the look out for that!  But I'm doing good.  Please send deodorant and tooth paste in the box with my shoes!  
     I miss you guys, love you go on the dropbox to see fotos. tchau  Your Elder Akina


Elder Nunes and his Christmas tie - - thanks Mom!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week #66 Sa-weet Street Contact

Hey Mom, 
     This week was really good, got a lot of work done.  I have the hitorico of the mission that's due at the end of the week, that I will send to São Paulo this week. The hitorico is basically a yearbook of the mission this past year. It includes what we learned as a mission, baptisms, challenges we faced, goals for next year and all that good stuff. 
Lots of rain this week!
     I did a training this past Tuesday for all the new missionaries straight out of the CTM, there was 1 American and 14 Brazilians.  When I wasn't doing my training I was translating for the new sister. It was sick. 
     This past week it has been raining sooooo much, the streets are flooded. We are going eat lunch at President's house and then play volleyball for part of our P-Day.
     Last night we got to work a little bit on the street, and we found a sick family!  Pretty excited about that, I just need to baptize!  It's been too long. So they are going to come to church with us. 
     I'll put my pics in the Dropbox. Love you guys.  Can't wait to hear about stake conference!  Tchau Elder Akina

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #65 On my Own!

Hi Mom, 
     So now I will just work with Elder Laurentis - - he'll be my comp.   We got a new assistant too, he's from Alaska, but his family lives in Japan now - -  Elder Patterson.  
     I have sooo much work to do, and I have a bunch of Visas to do but I can't do them because my weekly budget has already been depleted - - so I have to wait until this week.  That is cutting it really close!  I'll be fine, it's just I have a bunch of stuff to do, like today isn't even a P day - -  I've been working since early this morning.  You wanted my mission would help me be organized - - ha ha you have no idea how your dreams are coming true!
      Our new President seems pretty cool, i just hope he speaks good Portuguese.  He is from Utah - - he's a Scouter!   I think I'll be in the office for a little bit, like 4 or 5 transfers. 
      I got Dad's box, it was sick!  It had a bunch of granola bars, popcorn, mochi crunch and stuff.  I really like it.  
     I'll put some pictures up right now - - sports activity!  Please pray for me, this office stress is different than the urgency you feel on the streets.  Love you guys.   Tchau - - Elder Akina
Zone Sports

Elder Akina, President Cantu, Elder Laurentis, Unknown  - - sorry, Elder Johnson.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week #64 Happy New Year

     My week was good, super busy but good. My companion's last day is Thursday, so after Thursday I'm on my own!  We're going to cover a bunch of stuff this week, to make sure I got it all.  I'm learning a lot, there are still some things I need to learn - - but I think I'll be good. 
In the office
     I got a box this week, it was Aunty Buffy's, there were sick socks and hot chocolate - -   that was pretty clutch!   
     We had a New Years BBQ in our house, it was pretty amazing!  We bought a bunch of meat, made rice, and juice.  Eating is good!  We have a secret friend gift exchange thing in our zone this week. I got an elder from the states, I'm going to hook it up with one of the socks that Aunty Buffy sent me - - oh the sacrifice!  
New Year's BBQ - - it's all about the food!
     This past week we reorganized everything in the office for the new year.  Changed out all the files (including the ones on the computer) and making 2016 ones.  The organization of things is crazy!   
     I can finally say I go home this year!!  He - - he. There were some sick fireworks here in the city.  I sent a bunch of pics.  All the missionaries here are telling me to test out of Portuguese when I get to college.  It is hard to think about that right now.  A bunch of missionaries are asking me to room with them at school.  I will pray about it, I think I want to room with Nainoa - - unless he has a roommate already.      My Nike's are thrashed from our service projects, I need a new pair.  Can you look under my bed and send a pair I left behind.  The ones I brought with me I wore on TREK.

     I love you.  Have a great week.  Tchau Elder Akina
Piracicaba - - it's a big city.