Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, January 26, 2015

Vitor's Baptism

Vitor sent this photo via Instagram to Carlie.
Love his comments.

Week #15 Christmas in 2 Minutes + A Baptism

Hey Mom, 

     This week was super cool, I got your box!  I opened it at the zone conference and gave the stuff you put for my district- - they love it!  But none of them knew who the grinch was - - ha - -ha! I didnt do the Twelve days of Christmas, it was more like the 2 minutes of Christmas, I was so excited!  It was the best day of my life!  He-he, I opened it all up with my companion, I translated all of it for him too.   He thought it was really cool!  Thanks for the stuff mom.   We made the pumpkin cookies last night with a family we are teaching.  Everybody was like. "you don't put eggs, milk or oil, they're gunna suck!"  Ha - - ha, they loved them! I have pics I'll send them, it was sweet.
The Christmas Box - - it arrived in one piece! 
Grinch Pills for the District!  I guess not everyone knows who this Green Guy is!
     I gave a talk in church on Sunday, it was on the Holy Ghost - -  I spoke for about 8 minutes, it was supposed to be 10!  I shared the story about you and the bank robbery when we were little, it was cool.  

     I had my first baptism was this week!!  Com Vitor, it was super cool.  He was super stoked, he wants to serve a mission now - - we're really happy for him.  His Mom came to the baptism, the dad didn't.   We were super surprised when his Mom showed up!   It was right after church,  all the members stayed to watch.  I have pics.  
Elder Akina, Vitor, Mama & Elder Fernandez
     I also got Dad's Box - - it was sweet!  Everyone loves the candy from Hawaii, the Li Hing mango especially!  I didn't share the Mochi Crunch haha!  He sent spam!!  I was so pumped. Yeah - -  this week was good.  Love you Mama,  Elder Akina
Elder Akina loves Pumpkin cookies - -
So the 3 ingredients where sent in his Christmas box!
The recipients of the Pumpkin cookies! 

I do believe this is the bird that bombed Elder Akina a few weeks back!  Holy cow is he big!
Irmao Parquez - - our neighbor - - he is very good to us!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #14: Baptism Commitment

Hey Mom :)

     This week was super good. We have a baptism!!!  This Sunday the 25th right after church. His name is Vitor, he is 16 years old, and yeah Vitor without the c. That's how it's spelt here. And he wants me to Baptise him :)  - - so I'm pretty stoked to the max!

Elder Fernandez, Vitor & Elder Akina
      We have our zone conference this week, so hopefully I will get my box there.  
We get to go to Wal-mart now, we got permission.  It's only like a 15 minute bus ride, so we buy food there  - - it's so sweet!  When I walk in I get all home sick.  Like the floors are normal tile, its air conditioned and there are no mosquitos or dog poop on the ground. But yeah it's great.  Anyway - - that's pretty much it for this week.
     Oh, I am speaking in church on Sunday - - please pray for me!
Love you lots :) Elder Akina 
A picture of the Portal Bordon Chapel for Mama
Out tracting

Street Art

Street Art - -  funny!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #13 Da Box & Mosquitos

Hey Mom,
     I got one box! It's not the Christmas box, that's the only one, Christmas one or from the other family not yet. I was so pumped when I saw the pics you sent - - thank you so much.
On the streets making it happen!
     Our zone meeting was good.  We do like role play situations like missionaries play the investigator and we figure out what they need and teach according to that.  Teaching the person, not the lesson, type thing  - - you know.
     This week was good, we got a baptism commitment!  Finallyy  - - ha ha.  We don't have a date cuz he wasn't sure when he was going to be in town.  We'll get one next lesson.  It's with Irmao Thomas, he's gone to church with us the past three Sundays and he likes everything about it.  Loving the people more and more each week. I used to think it was weird when missionaries would say, "No, I don't want to leave this area."  I'd be like, "Dude it's just an area"!  Ha - - ha, but I know what they mean now,  I love it.
     This week has been really hot ha - - ha, but we've been working hard.  I've been getting eaten alive by stupid mosquitos! I had like a nervous breakdown Thursday night - - like when we sleep that's when they just destroy you!   It was like 3 in the morning and I still hadn't fallen asleep cuz you fall asleep and then like start itching everywhere!  It's hard to keep them out of the house cuz our windows don't like shut like they're just like squares in the wall.   I grabbed my pillow and started wacking my bed like yelling aghhhhh!  I was so frustrated, when I was done I felt super stupid! Lol.
Many miles each day - - so worth it!
     Just getting ready for another week. Oh yeah,  Mom only my companion and I live in the same house like its just us two.  That's pretty much it for this week will send pics.
Love you lots. Tchau  Elder Akina

Caldo de Cana, is a sugar cane drink that is magic for the mouth!  I love it!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week #12: Transfers

Hey Mom,
     I have no idea about my boxes - -  if they're here I should get them Wednesday during Zone Conference.  I gave my zone leader the money already for the Christmas box.  It's really frusturating how the mail works out here. No I haven't gotten any snail mail, if it's here I'll get it all Wednesday.
     We are teaching a bunch of people.
%$#@*, she has drug probs - -  but she's gone a full week without doing anything so we're pretty excited for her.  %$#@*&, who we have commited to baptism - -  but he says he won't get baptized until he gets married.  Marcio - -  he's super cool.  Christain who was a refferal because she called a number on the LDS website because she wanted to learn more about Family History. 
                                                               Super cool people, I have ended up growing really close to them and have started seeing them not as the people that have drug problems or challenges keeping the commandments.  You start seeing them as who they can be become, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance.  This is our purpose as missionaries.
                        This week went by super fast, transfers were today.  I'm staying put in the same area with the same companion, which I was super stoked about!  We still work well together and get along super good.  The Honeymoon phase is over - - the reality of the work is hitting me.  The discussions are coming along good, the one we teach the most by far is Palavra de Sabadoria, the Word of Wisdom; I've got that one down pretty good. 
     The name of our ward is Portal Bordon, I forgot to take pics of the building I'll do that this week for you.  I got some pics to send right now, that pretty much it for this week.
Love you lots. Tchau. Elder Akina

Zone Picture @ Mission Christmas gathering.
Taken off Elder Collin's blog, thanks for sharing!
Zone Photo!  Thanks to Elder Collins!