Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week #32 Another Great Week

Hey Mom, 
  The sushi was super good I almost cried when I took the first bite!  It's the first thing I have eaten here that doesn't come with arroz e feijão.

I love Brasil!
   So the guy who is coming is an Area 70 I think he's coming for a mission tour.  He'll be here June 6 and 7.  I forgot his name.  Will write more about it when it happens. 

     We have 3 baptism dates for June 7, please pray that they can come through.  There is a new housing development area opening up in our area July 18th.   Brand new houses, which is huge, that means new families!  I'm pumped about that! 

     Today we went to this sweet museum with like planes and stuff.  We have been working hard man, praying and fasting like crazy - - that our pesquisadores can come through on June 7.  Off to have another great week in the work!  Love you the most - - Elder Akina

P-Day excursion

Da boys!

Love you Mama!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #31 Cidade Aracy

Hey there,

     Sister & President Canuto spoke in our Stake Conference in Sao Carlos on Sunday.   The work is going great!  We have two baptisms coming up set for the 24th , this is the couple that needs to get married. We went to the cartório with them to get them married but the Sister doesn't have a document that we need.  So we went last week to another place to order it - -  the paper should be here any day.  The cost to get married is a prohibitive factor for many who are investigating the church.  When the document gets here this week they'll get married!  Then we'll be able to baptize them. 

Stake Conference in Sao Carlos.  President and Sister Canuto.
     We are teaching another family of 6 right now.  I love teaching the First Vision! I love when the spirit testifies what we are teaching then and there!   We're working with a bunch of people - -  pretty much all of them smoke,  so were supporting their efforts to change.  I love these people - - I love helping them better themselves.  The work is moving.

     I'm about to eat sushi for the first time in forever!  I'm super excited.   Love you Mama - - off to have another super week in the work!  Elder Akina

New cars issued to all the companionships - - Sa-weet - - huh?

Elder Akina and Elder Nunez - - Shaka Laka!
Elder Nunez and his mean neck tan line!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #30 Photos Galore!

Since we just spent a LONG time skyping yesterday, I asked Elder Akina to send me a bunch of photos as my Mother's Day gift.  Here you go!
Cidade Aracy, Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Elder Akina & Elder Nunez
They have hit it off!

New District in Sao Carlos

Beautiful Sunset

In the middle of the road - - why?


Elder Nunez


City Scape
Love you Mama - - Excited for another week in my new area.  Elder Akina

Mother's Day 2015

Elder Akina was able to Skype home on May 10, 2015 for Mother's Day.  Here are the highlights of his call home - -  along with a few photos.   Words really can't accurately describe how happy we were to be able to see and hear from him as he serves in Brazil! 
It was magical! 
Elder Nunez & Elder Akina
The Tag!
Primary kids placed the Dogs on the back of his tag!
  • Transferred to Cidade Aracy, Sao Carlos.
  • Aracy (Ah-Ra-See) has less meat to eat, they do have potato salad!
  • New companion is Elder Nunez from Rio de Janiero.
  • Elder Nunez is a Capoeira Master!
  • Lives in a home with 2 sets of Elders (Jamon y Larenchi), one of them is a very good COOK!  All Elders are native to Brazil.
  • New area is not as agricultural as Portal Bordon, there are more hills in the area!
  • There is a government housing where many of their investigators live, it is a dangerous place to visit.
  • Many of the investigators don't believe Elder Akina is American, his Portuguese is really good!  They ask him to speak English to prove he is American - - major fail as his English is now horrible! 
  • Brazilians can't say "Carter" as there is no "ter" in their language.  So he is "Ahhh - - - key - - NA".  Heavy emphasis on the "NA"!
  • He spoke pretty eloquent Spanish with Kanani!  What's up with that?!  Elder Fernandez taught him Spanish as well - - who knew!
  • The Sister who had them over to Skype is an investigator, she came in the room to meet Elder Akina's mom - - she was a doll!  Said Happy  Mother's day and blew hugs and kisses!  She loves our Elder!
  • Nights are very cold in the new area - - he is happy to not be so HOT!
  • Upon departure of his first area last week - - he was given all kinds of gifts from the members.  He isn't sure how he is going to haul it all around!
  • He will begin teaching English classes in the area over the next two weeks and is working with the other Elders in the house to help them learn English.
    • He teaches phrases rather than vocabulary for the 1st hour.
    • Focuses on root words and tenses 2nd hour.
  • His home has a washing machine, there are no dryers in the homes.  They line dry all their clothing.
  • He gave a shout out to all the e-mails he receives each week.  Says to be patient, he gets 16 - 20 emails a week and sometimes can't respond.  READ THE BLOG!
  • He loves interviews with President Canuto, his Mission President.  Says he learns a lot about the work and the culture.
  • There are so many things Americans take for granted, like having your trash picked up weekly at your house!  Clean drinking water on tap in the kitchen!
  • Your stomach never gets use to the water!
  • Toilets are smaller here - - this is a struggle!
  • I dream in Portuguese!
  • I have given away many of my ties as members don't have them for church.  They notice that I wear a new one each Sunday, then ask for them since "I have so many"!
  • Spiritual Experiences:
    • Praying for guidance in the moment as the discussion changes while you are teaching.  Silently praying for guidance.  Then my companion and I respond the same way - - we both get the same answer ALL THE TIME!
    • Promptings come if danger is present.
    • Book of Mormon knowledge and how it is intertwined with the Bible, I did not understand the connection like I do now.
    • Seeing our investigators desire to change, stop smoking or drinking so they can have the gospel in their lives.  They are determined and work very hard. It is a strength to me that they are willing to do this work for the gospel.
  • ADVICE to Ben, Baylor, Braxton and CalebPreparing to leave on their own missions shortly
  • Caleb, Braxton, Baylor & Ben
    • A mission is fun and scary at the same time!
    • Be mentally tough and tell yourself you can do it!
    • No time to be shy, be bold with the work. 
    • There is no such thing as a perfect investigator.  They all have trials or struggles to overcome.  Love them as they search and pray for answers.
    • Be organized!  You have to keep track of your appointments, investigators and meetings you need to attend.  You don't want to lose someone because you forgot to write it down!
    • Be obedient.  You need to be the companion that keeps the rules.  Be upfront and say that you are here to work. 
    • Be prepared for your Mission President to drop in!  On the day you are lazy he will appear!
    • On the days it is hard without your phone, music and friends, REMEMBER YOUR PURPOSE! Slackers forget their purpose!
    • The CTM is mentally challenging as your days are long.  You can do it!  Once you understand why you are there it all changes! 
    • Dogs are real on your mission.  Use your bag to protect yourself and the heel of your shoe to kick the dogs!
    • Final Advice: Go hard, Be obedient, Love the people and Rock your Mission!  I am proud of you guys!

      So serious!
      Happy Mama!  Love my boy!
      The Boys listening and laughing with Elder Akina!


Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #29 1st Transfer!

     I got transferred! I'm going to Sao Carlos, I forgot the name of the area.  I have to go to Americana early in the morning, then from Americana to Piracicaba - - then on to Sao Carlos.  Everyone says it's super cold there - - I am headed north.  My new companion is Elder Nunez, I'll meet him tomorrow.  He is from Rio de Janeiro, he's Brasilero.   Elder Fernandez is staying here in Portal Bordon.  He has another American companion that was with me in CTM. It is beginning to cool off, the nights are colder!
     So - - I have no idea when I will be able to Skype or where I will be.  I don't know how to let you know because there isn't another p-day before I will call you.  I'll figure it out.
     This past week was good. Going to miss all the people here - - they were super cool.  The only bad part now is I have to pack :/  I hate packing.  It's probably not going to be the most organized suitcase either  - - but whatever.  It is hard when you have to take the bus by yourself with three suitcases and like getting on and off busses with 3 is super hard!  You look really dumb - - like you carry 2 of them to one spot, then you have to run back and get the third, ha - - ha.
     Me Marcelino y Dedise and their son at church the other day.  This is the couple that needs to get married - -  remember?  We set a wedding date and a baptism date, they are going to get married this Saturday in the Cartório and be baptized the next day.  Proud of them.
Marcelino & Dedise and their son
I'Il send pics right now.   
Love you - - chat with you on Sunday!  Elder Akina 
Map showing transfer!  Elder Akina is headed North! 
From his current location to Piracicaba it is a 2 hour bus ride.