Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #88 Happy Father's Day

Hey Mom - -
     The Canuto's leave the end of this month :/ , however we're excited to receive our new Mission President!
     This week has been crazy, sending everyone home on Tuesday so I'm busy trying to get all their documentation straight so they can leave the country with no problems.
     Congrats on a successful Girls camp!  The youth are so important and are my favorite group to work with!  I have to buy medicine for my head thats 200R$ - - its manipulated (not sure what this means - - trying not to worry)  . But I'm okay.  Love you!! - - Elder Akina

A letter to Daddy-O:
    Daaaadd!!  Happy Fathers Day!!  (tomorrow but still) Dad I've been super busy renewing Visas.  We had an emergency transfer yesterday and some crazy stuff take place :/   We have transfers this Tuesday and 23 missionaries going home!  So I'm hustling trying to get all these missionaries' documents together so they can leave the country legally. 

My 2 favorite boys! 

Somebody grew!

But I love you man, thank you for your example to me.   You've always been the type of person that just gets it done - - even if you don't want to and that one of the most valuable things I have learned while I have been out here.  The most special moments on my mission is when I see myself using what you guys (you and mom) have been trying to instill in me my whole life.  Our Savior Jesus Christ has really helped me see that.  So - - thank you Pops!  Have a good Fathers Day and thank you for being mine. Love you.   Elder Akina