Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week #72 Gabriel's Baptism

E aí!!  
     So this week we have a baptism (finally) it's today at 5, I really hope members come to support Gabriel. It's been a little challenge teaching him, but he has a really good spirit.  I could really see the change in him and his progress as we were working with him.  He chose me to baptize him, so I'm super pumped for that.  I will try to send pics of the baptism.     Oh yeah I got the boxes!! Thank you so much.   We used the Nerf guns like crazy this morning with the Assistants - - we had a sick war.  I got the other shoe too!  I love the t-shirts you got in Hawaii for President Canuto and his family.  He hasn't seen them yet.  Love all the food.  Thank you guys!
     Elder Bandeira!! This is when we took them to their van at 2 in the morning, I am really going to miss that guy. He's so cool, he's from Fortaleza Ceará.  He's literally one of the coolest guys I've ever met.  It is hard, as I work here in the office I am processing missionaries to go home that I have served with.  Elder Fernandez goes home in a month! The time is going by really fast! 
     Transfers went really well,  there were a bunch of foreigners that came on this one.  2 of them were Americans.  The training I prepared went good.  During the transfer process, I do A LOT of translating. I translate for the Americans when President and the Assistants give their training. It's really tiring, but I like it
     Oh yeah - - super cool about Analise being called to the Missão Porto Alegre Norte! That's like the Texas of Brasil, Só Gaúcho, Gaúcho is like a cowboy.  I had a companion that's from there, Elder Becker.  They speak with a really different accent then they do here. 
     I'm putting pics up right now, Love you guys.  Elder Akina

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week #71 Sorry - - Super Busy!

     I got your box mom, so I'm waiting on the other shoe right now  - - lol. (Our Elder needed new P-Day shoes, have to mail them in separate boxes, one has been delivered!) Sorry I didn't write last week we were super busy!  We had to reorganize the transfer board at President's house and we helped one of our investigators move. 
     Speaking of investigators - - we have a baptism!!!!!!!!!!  He he  - - this coming Saturday, his name is Gabriel.  He is 20 years old and super chill - - he's actually a boxer!  He was found knocking doors by some Elders like a couple months ago. Then he just stopped taking the lessons and stop going to church  - - so they dropped him.  They kept him in the area book, so a week an half ago we decided to pass by and see if we could reignite this dude.  We taught him now he has a date marked and has gone to church with us twice!  He will be going again tomorrow.  The lessons that we have had with him have been super cool, he really opened up and is really progressing.  
     We have transfers this Tuesday so it's been really busy around here, all the plane tickets are bought and ready to go for the people that are going home.  I think that's the worst part about being Secretary - -  all the people that are going home stay at the staff house (where we live) their last weekend on the mission.  IDK just everyone's all crazy and ready to go home.  We wake up  at 2 in the morning Sunday night to help them get the shuttle to the airport and you see everyone leaving and crying. It just stinks because after all that we have to go back to work - - Lol.  This transfer we have 11 missionaries coming: 6 Sisters and 5 Elders, 2  American Sisters 2 Hispanics. 
     Sorry I don't have pics this week, I left my memory card at the house :/  but  I love you guyz!!  tchau.  Elder Akina

Week #70 No Letter - - Christmas Box

No letter this week - - sad Mama. Once tender mercy was receiving Elder Akina's Christmas box. A final notice was placed in our mail box - - his package has been here since January 9th! Love it!
Black apron for craft night, stocking, His annual ornament and a dish towel for my kitchen. 
Thoughtful Elder!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #69 Paperwork!

Hazzit Everyone,
     No mom I did not get your box.  I'm so pumped that Alema signed to BYU!!!!! #proudcouzin!

Elder Welch my CTM companion and I at the bus station.
     This week was rough, a lot of work, a lot of baptism forms. I just found out yesterday, that all foreigners will have to get a CPF to use our health insurance for the mission.  They updated their policy so now we are going to have to take all the missionaries that aren't from Brazil to take out their CPF - - a lot of paperwork for me.
     Oh yeah - - we have a new companion - - his name is Elder Gordillo, he's from Campinas. So like the thing about being in the office is somtimes you get like random companions in the middle of the transfer, so he's not a Secretary he's just waiting with us until the transfer.   
     It's super hot here - - so I'm thankful that I'm in the AC for most of the day.  I am doing a typing course, to get my typing skills on point.  I need a haircut.  I will take 2 more missionaries to renew their Visas this week.  Pure crazy that the Pope is going to be there, Juarez must be going  crazy. That's pretty much it. I love you guys and miss you. Falou.  Elder Akina

Alema Pilimai is a Cougar!  #Proud Cousin!