Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #76 Rio Piracicaba

     This week was cool - - we have an audit coming up in a couple of days.  We spent the last part of this week organizing everything and getting stuff ready for the auditors. 
     We have a baptism this Saturday!!!  Ana Claudia will be baptized.  We still have to teach her 2 more lessons, but she's all set. 
     I put a bunch of pics/videos up from last week.  There are people coming to spray our building with insect repellent stuff, so we have to be out of the building,
     I love you guys. Tchau.  Elder Akina
(working on posting video clips of this river trip)
The Crew

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week #75 Short and Sweet

Got a long letter this week . . . here is the stuff we can post.       

So - -  this week I finally got done with all the CPF's. Today, we are going to the Quinze stadium (the soccer team of Piracicaba), so that's going to be cool. We have a baptism next week! Woo hoo!
     Mmm but yeah thats pretty much it for this week. Super pumped the Rainbows won their first playoff game! Love you!
     Oh - - Mom,  I need a huge favor.  We are making the mission video, and we are putting video clips of missionaries in our mission got their calls, can you send mine? You guys recorded it, right?  If you could send that like ASAP that would be good. Oh even better, upload it to the drop box!! That makes it way easier to see - -  thank you!  Love you!  

We've cracked into the 20's!  Pretty darn exciting!
Elder Akina

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week #74 Zones in the City + New Investigator

     This week was cool, I gotta lot done!  I took 5 zones of missionaries this past week to get their CPF done, - - I will do 5 zones more this week. So what happens is, I take them to the post office (correios) and have them present their passport and protocol.  The lady at the correios then fills out this form and prints out a receipt, after they get the receipt we then go to the receita federal, where they get that receipt and turn it into a CPF.   Then I have to get their CPF and send it to São Paulo. 
     I'm pretty pumped for church tomorrow, we have an invsestigator that's going to come to church.  Her name is Ana Claudia - - she is a professional Taekwondo fighter and she moved from Minas Gerais (state in Brazil) to train here in Piracicaba.  We found her by doing a contact on the street.  So she will be with us at church tomorrow, I'm hoping we can baptize her by the end of this month. 
     I designed our zone shirts this past week - - they came out pretty sick!  I'm going take the design to a guy in the center of Piracicaba to have them done (it's way cheaper then ordering them online) I'll send you a pic of how it turned out. 
     We had Stake Conference this past Sunday.  Elder Pinto of the Seventy was there, he gave a really good talk.  President Canuto also gave a beast talk - -  the church was packed.     
     I have been playing basketball on P-days with some guys that live on my street at a court that's right by my house.  Lol it's cool.  I'll try to record a video this coming week and send it.     
     That's it.  I love you all. Love you Mom!  Have a great week!!  Tell Dad I love him!!  And Carlie and the dogs. Tchau.  Elder Akina
Camisa da Zona
Sushi Dinner - - Thank you Junior!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week #73 Paper Work!

Oi, How is everybody? 
     This week was super busy, but got a lot done.  All of the missionaries have a new document that they have to start getting now because our insurance policy got updated.  It's called a CPF - - I took mine out yesterday just to see how the process was.  It's easy - - the challenge will be getting everyone here to Piracicaba because here is where the Receita Federal is.   So instead of us traveling this time out to the Zones, they're all having to come here zone by zone to do this.
      I renewed  Visas this week.  We paid a 15,000 real water bill for one of the houses in our mission (President was not happy) and put in all the baptism records.  I have a report that is due Monday of all the missionaries in this mission doing the churches English course. I have like 10 million other things to do this week, no down time! 
Gabriel's Baptism February 28, 2016.
     Gabriel's baptism was good, there were some ward members there and it was very spiritual.  Member involvement is key in our success.  This is definitely the hardest area I've been in, no one lets you in here.  It is interesting, creature comforts are high here and I don't walk as much, but the work is hard.  We'll find someone that is ready for us - - I'm sure of it. I got all of the boxes!!  Thank you so much.  Love you all. Falou Elder Akina
Missionary Creativity - - clean that mirror!