Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #69 Paperwork!

Hazzit Everyone,
     No mom I did not get your box.  I'm so pumped that Alema signed to BYU!!!!! #proudcouzin!

Elder Welch my CTM companion and I at the bus station.
     This week was rough, a lot of work, a lot of baptism forms. I just found out yesterday, that all foreigners will have to get a CPF to use our health insurance for the mission.  They updated their policy so now we are going to have to take all the missionaries that aren't from Brazil to take out their CPF - - a lot of paperwork for me.
     Oh yeah - - we have a new companion - - his name is Elder Gordillo, he's from Campinas. So like the thing about being in the office is somtimes you get like random companions in the middle of the transfer, so he's not a Secretary he's just waiting with us until the transfer.   
     It's super hot here - - so I'm thankful that I'm in the AC for most of the day.  I am doing a typing course, to get my typing skills on point.  I need a haircut.  I will take 2 more missionaries to renew their Visas this week.  Pure crazy that the Pope is going to be there, Juarez must be going  crazy. That's pretty much it. I love you guys and miss you. Falou.  Elder Akina

Alema Pilimai is a Cougar!  #Proud Cousin!