Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday is "P-Day" !

Oi!!! Hazzit everybody, whew this week has been crazy here in the CTM. There is noo english allowed here so it feels weird to even write in it.  We just got back from the campinas brasil temple, it was beautiful besides that fact the session was in Portuguese, I had to wake my companions up twice!

I am in a tripanionship which is more common here then companionships, it's weird i know. Elder Welch and Elder Cummings, They're both runners (but not that fast because i race them everyday and have yet to be beat) and they're super diligent, their prayers are like 15 minutes long; they can recite scriptures like nothing.  They're not that into sports, but they push me to be better and learn; that's all i need right now.

I have learned more Portuguese this week than Spanish those 3 years I took in high school.   I can bear my testimony, pray and carry on like a solid convo. I definatley have a testimony of the gift of tongues, it is a real thing and helps missionarys everywhere.  I sit with these Brasileros at lunch and they are so funny, but Brasilian people are different than Americans.  They don't do sarcasm, like you do or say something sarcastic, they don't get that type of humor.  Everyone's left arm is darker then their right because when they drive they hang it out the window ha ha.

We are teaching an investigator right now by the name of Erik, and I teach tonight, it will be our 4th discussion with him.  It's all in Portuguese, the first 2 lesson were pretty rough, but the third one was great.  I got to bear my testimony (for the first time other than practicing it) to him and the spirit was definatley strong in the room.  He's one of those MTC investigators but it's just like the real thing.

Everyone is scared to play me in basketball, we have zone sports with the Hispaico district (everyone from Chile, Dominican Republic, etc.) and I've played all the guys and no one will play me again!!  They know 1 nba players name so whenever they see me in between classes they'll be like Lebron!!! 

All the missionaries are suuper cool, and funny. The MTC is so stressful, though we're getting ready to go proseliting on the streets in Sao Paulo in about a week.  My companions and I are pretty pumped about that.  The food here is good, its all Brazilian food.  My companions hate it so they just give what they don't eat to me ha ha. 

Well I gotta go, it's P day so we get go out on the streets to shop and eat.  We're hitting up a Churrascaria today, it's like a meat buffet!  

I'll write next week, love you lots mamma, you tooo dad. 

Tchau, oh and the blue dot is what they call the dork dot, first weekers get it.