Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week #4 Hitting the Streets

Sao Paulo
 Hey Mom!   The food is still super good, I dig it.  We only got 2 weeks then were out!  I'm pumped, I just want to get out in the field already!  My companion and I get a long, he's super spiritual and like quiet; not into anything I'm into so were pretty much the opposite, but we teach really well together.  I try to learn all I can from him. 

I'm glad Carlie was able to see you guys, make sure she didn't take any of my socks!!!! haha jk.  Tell Imua I love him and I guess Opihi too.

No I'm not getting letters from that place and I asked them if you put money or you got me stuff from there through that thing they do and they said no, so idk.

This week was super fun!  We went proselyting on Thursday and my companion and I tore it up!  They gave us 4 BOMs and we placed all of them in half an hour.  Haha - - we were terrified, you take a bus to downtown Sao Paulo and you're on your own.  We said a prayer before we started.  As we approached the first guy - - I was so nervous!   My companion and I worked it out to where I was the one with the intro like "hi, can we share a message about Jesus Christ with you" and intro the BOM and what its about.  So we walked up and I talked to him like perfectly, he said yeah and I got a little time, we had like a 10 minute convo with him!  I could understand his questions and I answered all of them.  He took the Book of Mormon and walked away!  My companion and I just turned, we looked at each other, and I told him, "if a month ago you told me I would be able to that I would not have believed you!".  

We did get rejected a lot though, we got a lot of,  "no its okay I believe in the bible"  or "sorry I'm working",  but it was all good.  It was so much fun.  

I've just been using my card so I don't really need the paper money, so it would help to just if anything put money on my card.  I don't know how much is on it so if you could get me my balance that would be nice. 

Tell everyone I love them, love you the mostest.

Elder Akina