Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 5 Sacrament Meeting Talk

Brazil Piracicaba Mission Map
     Hazzzit my pasoas! (people) So this is my last week here in the CTM and I am stoked to the max, I cant wait to leave.

     I had to give a talk this past Sunday, ha ha here in the CTM they announce who is speaking like in sacrament meeting, this past Sunday I left my bag with all my manuals and what not with my talk back in my room thinking I'm not gunna give a talk.  There are tons of people here, so I'm sitting in sacrament meeting and they talk super fast, so it was kinda hard to understand but then I hear an "Elder Akina"... and I was like this is not real life right now!  Ha ha!  So I got a scripture and talked about it a little and bore my testimony on it and I thought it went pretty good, it was like 4 minutes. It's just freaky cuz its in a different language.  One of the branch presidents pulled me aside after and was like, "you did that without anything written down huh?"  I was like, " yah."  He laughed and said, "you'll be amazed what the spirit will help you accomplish if you are always in tune with it", and i was like, "ha ha believe me i know!"

     We just got back from the temple, it was pretty sweet!  Its' getting pretty hot here.  Nothing that new this week though just more classes and devotionals and classes then food then classes. It's super crazy, there are all these brand new missionarys that are coming in every week and you say something in Portuguese to them they dont even know what to say back.  It felt like that was me like yesterday, time definatley went by fast here. 

     I think the next time I will get to email you guys it will be from the Mission Presidents house.  Oh mom stuff for the box that I need : office supplies, Chapstick, verb book and dictionary (Portuguese/English), floss.  Thanks heaps.

     Tell Carlie to start checking her mailbox at school I sent her a letter last week.  Send me pics mom, especially one of Carlie playing, also the one with me and Daddy Kanani in front of the hotel in Hawaii,  I'm in the red long sleeve hawaiian life guard shirt, and the one with me on the beach boogie boarding surfing etc. . . . I think I sent them to your phone while we were in Hawaii. 

 Thanks, love you lots Tchau

Bonus Second E-mail:

Mom to Elder Akina:
Eu te amo muito meu filho maravilhoso
com amor,
Sua mae.

Elder Akina's Response:

he-he da madda is learning Portuguese!!  Does this say, " I love you a lot my wonderful son, with love, mom.

Mom to Elder Akina:  Yes it does!