Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 3 Pig Hooves & Chicken Hearts

October 30, 2014      
      I am sending another e-mail via the cookie place.  Some Elders with P-day on Friday are taking this out for me so you can get it. 

     Sadly, p-day has come to a close.  We ate at that Churrascaria and I ate so much!  These guys would just come by our table and just keep cutting different kinds of meat, I had every kind.  There was this soup, it had pig hooves but it was so good.  Elder Cummings and I loved it!  The chicken hearts were not that bad, they kind of tasted like shrimp to me. 

     We got two new roommates.  They're both Brasileros which is good because it forces us to speak more Portuguese. 

     We just got done teaching,  my companion and I read the schedule wrong;  so we had no lesson prepared.  We decided to freestyle it with no notes or anything and it was honestly one of the best lessons we every taught.  Our Portuguese was a little rough at some points but we figured it out.  We answered all the questions he had about the Word of Wisdom but this one we got stuck on.  We told him we we'd have his answer next time we met with him.  His question was, why do Mormons not drink coffee because of the caffeine, but they can drink like 10 cokes a day?  Ha-ha we were stumped!  We'll find his answer later tonight! 

     One of the Irmaos (teachers) asked me last night if I was excited for Halloween . . . and I was like, "Oh, it's Halloween?"  It's crazy how many things just don't matter when you're immersed in the missionary work!  I will miss Opihi in his pumpkin costume! 

November 5, 2014
     We just got back from the temple. This week has been very long, but I have learned a ton.  We have gotten like double the missionaries we have had this week, all of them Brasileros.  They're so funny.  We got these two new districts in our physical activity so the v ball games get pretty intense, with Brasileros tho, they'll just wait for the ball to get to them and use there feet haha!   We get a new sister in our Districto tonight so were all pretty pumped.
     My district has made a goal this past week to stay awake in all of the devotionals and conferences (which is the struggle because everything's in Portuguese) but I have developed a formula to stay awake in everything.  Before any leadership meeting or anything else, I drink 1 bottle of water like in 4 seconds. Then I have to go to the "Elder's Room" really bad right about the time I start to get sleepy or whatever so it keeps me up.  (Proud Mama moment!)
     I'm about to go to Chainey's so I'll check for your mail mom. I also need Carlie's address like to mail. Nothing really new and exciting, same thing pretty much everyday.  We have a sweet view from our room and we were looking out the window.   This plane was like out in the distance and Elder Jensen was like hey Elder Akina how far away you think that plane is.. I was like idk a mile... he was like nah man for you it's about 2 years!  Ha ha good laughs.
     I forgot to tell you guys a couple days ago an Elder Camacho left for the field.   Well, he is a Kamehameha grad and is good friends with Anna and Tierre, so let them know he and I were boys!   I got a pic with him,  I'll send it when I get out of here. 
     To the Packer Boys: When I get back I need to see Kade, Rand and Mont dunking on the regs, you too Rhet!  Be nice to your sister.  I'm proud of all you guys, and grateful for the opportunity I had to be amongst such fine young men.  You guys need to know Heavenly Father has blessed you with an awesome family.  Listen to your parents!  Your dad is seriously the coolest of the cools, he is one my hero's as I am sure he is one of yours.  I can't wait to come back and see how much you guys have grown. Much Love,  Elder Akina.
     Okay mom I'm going to try and send you another letter through the cookie place.  Give Imua a hug and Opihi a kick in the shorts for me.
     Love you dad,  thank you for your letters they are really what I need to hear.  Love you mom,  'till next week
Elder Akina