Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #31 Cidade Aracy

Hey there,

     Sister & President Canuto spoke in our Stake Conference in Sao Carlos on Sunday.   The work is going great!  We have two baptisms coming up set for the 24th , this is the couple that needs to get married. We went to the cartório with them to get them married but the Sister doesn't have a document that we need.  So we went last week to another place to order it - -  the paper should be here any day.  The cost to get married is a prohibitive factor for many who are investigating the church.  When the document gets here this week they'll get married!  Then we'll be able to baptize them. 

Stake Conference in Sao Carlos.  President and Sister Canuto.
     We are teaching another family of 6 right now.  I love teaching the First Vision! I love when the spirit testifies what we are teaching then and there!   We're working with a bunch of people - -  pretty much all of them smoke,  so were supporting their efforts to change.  I love these people - - I love helping them better themselves.  The work is moving.

     I'm about to eat sushi for the first time in forever!  I'm super excited.   Love you Mama - - off to have another super week in the work!  Elder Akina

New cars issued to all the companionships - - Sa-weet - - huh?

Elder Akina and Elder Nunez - - Shaka Laka!
Elder Nunez and his mean neck tan line!