Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week #40 - - 10 Month Mark


     I'm getting better, this week was rough.  I was sick for a big part of it - - we still worked through.   Working on some other struggles.  Let's just say work ethic is an issue in the field, it's a learning experience!

     The girl that we were super close to baptizing won't be getting baptize any time soon.  Her dad stopped letting her from coming to church and the activities.   So we went back there yesterday with "For The Strength of Youth" pamphlet.  We described all the good programs the church has and standads we set for our youth.   So it's a tough situation, but we're going to keep on praying.

     This week our District Leader Elder Ramon (who lives with us) is going home.  We've been messing with him this week.  2 days ago we put like 40 pounds of potatos in his bed. This guy was selling this cart full of potatos, so we bought the potatos and the cart for like 10 reals, like 3.50 $.  We took them back to the house - - papas for days!
The potatoes! 
     Hey - -  I heard Braxton sent his mission papers in!  Super excited for him, you have to let me know the moment he gets it.  Please send me Baylor's mission e-mail address, need write to him today!

Elder Beaton sitting on a very tired Elder Ramon
     I have to give $180 Reals for a box that is pending pick up.  I have to have the money in by tomorrow or it will be shipped back home - -  idk whose box it is.  I got the rice and we pounded spam musubi!  We made like 15 of them and ate them all!  The Elders loved them! 

Elder Beaton and I making Spam Musubi!  Thank you Aunty Tiare!

     This is a mural on a church here in Aracy - - some churches believe that a sign that Jesus is coming will be when people start implanting chips in themselves for like i.d. purposes.  They painted this on their church.  There is also this other church that has this huge banner with there local pastor in the front an behind him are a bunch of crutches and wheelchairs.  The description reads,  "These are just some of the medical devices left behind by people after being cured by Pastor João"!  I ll take a picture and send it to you, it's super funny.

l will  send pics right now,

Love you Mama, Elder Akina