Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week #41 Missionario De Excelencia

Hey Mom,

    I'm good, feeling so much better!  I got Dad's box - - it was really heavy!  It was super good - - oatmeal!   Aunty Buffy's box had a little mini basketball hoop - - love it!  So we hold competitions to see who will wash the dishes that day. . . so yeah, I never wash dishes - - LOL! 

     We had a Zone Conference, which was good.  We have mission tour this Friday, President Costa is coming, he's a 70.  I will be in Piracicaba. Transfers are tomorrow, I am staying with the same companion.  There's a new American coming, that's going live with us.  Our mission turned 2 years old about a week ago.  We´re about to baptize our house here in a little bit.   We're taking out all the funiture to do all the floors and scrub everything down.  
     We are teaching this super sweet family of 6.  We go back tonight to see how their prayer and response went.  They really liked our message.  It was super neat because the dad said that at the start of the week he started asking himself something he had never asked himself before.  It was, "Why are there so many churches out there?". He tried researching on the internet and it didn't make sense to him.   So he said a prayer that he could find the answer to this question he had.  That's when we showed up!   When we taught the apostasy to him, he got so excited he said that it just made sense.  He shared that we were like an answer to his prayer - - it was amazing!  Really good family. 
     I am surprised how many American Elders have not gotten there Eagle Scout - - ha - -ha!  I keep my Eagle card with me.    

Missionaries who earned the Award.
     Oh yeah,  I got my Missionário de Excelencia, you have to memorize a bunch of stuff in Portuguese.  Doctrine and Covenants 4, one scripture for every teaching topic, the lesson topics, Chapters in Preach My Gospel - - but I finally got it!  You have to pass it off to your Zone Leaders.

My certificate.
My Zone singing me happy Birthday!  We had cake!
Should be a good week this week,  Love you guys tchau   Elder Akina

Mom's motivational thought for the week.