Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #49 Bag Returned & Photos!

     My new area is super cool, we just set a bunch of new goals! We came up with this "Thermometer of Faith".  We made this big themometer and when someone gives a passalong card out, we mark the themometer, and if when we get to 100 cards distributed there is a prize!  Something visual to get the members more excited - - more involved. 
     I start an english class October 1st.  We're going all out this time - -  announcing on the radio + flyers.  We want a bunch of people there - - should be good.
     We had 4 investigators in chuch this past sunday, so that was good!  We are marking a baptism with one of them today at Family Home Evening.  Please pray that everything can go well. 
      It has been ssuuuppeeerr hot here, the sun is killer.  We are trying to get in houses as fast as possible to spend as least time as possible off the street and out of the sun.  The sun just destroys us!
      During transfers I got to see a lot of Elders at the bus station.  It was nice to see Elder Nunes. 
     I got my bag back, and my yoga mat!  I did a division with the Assistants this past week, they brought it down from Piracicaba.  It is so nice to have my personal set of Scriptures back in my possession! 
     Elder Andrade is like a legend in this mission - - I am learning a lot from him.  I feel like I am being prepared for another opportunity to serve.  There are a bunch of people slacking hard in our mission and President is sick of it.  He challenged everyone today in his letter, said there are poucos fazendo muito e muito fazendo pouco, like a little bit of the missionaries are doing a lot, and a lot are doing a little. We are working hard, looking for ways to do more. Time to step it up! 
     I hope you like all the pics. love you guys - - Elder Akina

Photos from my last few days in Cidade Aracy.
Birthday celebration of a ward member!
Victor's birthday - - water fight to celebrate.
Elysses Baptism, this dude is amazing!
Saying goodbye to Neusa and her family. This was the lady who had us over on Mother's day to Skype.  She reminds me of Aunty Wena - - was super hard to say goodbye to them.
Cleuza and her family, super hard to say goodbye to them too!
Irma Vilma, one of the coolest members in Aracy  - -ha ha!

Keila, one of the Young Women from the ward.
Anderson, he's super chill - -  he served in Japan!
He was doing his Japanese tourist pose - - ha ha!

Transfers - - Buses, then more buses!
Waiting for the BUS!
Elder Nunes - - far left!  So good to see him!
View from our apartment window, new area.

Soccer Field

Bread Elder Rodriquez and I made!  Last days in Aracy.