Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week #68 I need Ammo!

Hi Mama - -      
     I renewed 4 visas this week including my own and will do 2 more this week. I also did the Historico of the mission which took a bunch of time too, (it's pretty much like a yearbook of the mission for this past year) but got it done. English class is going good, we have a bunch of new people attending.  The family we found we had to cut, they weren't cumprindo com os compromisos. Our water in our house got cut this week, we took showers in buckets and I learned how to wash clothes by hand (like the official way). 
     Wait Mom - - did you send the second box yet?  Could you send me a Nerf gun? Everyone here in the office has one and our Assistants too!  One of these, it's like 9 bucks. They are super expensive here, I think it would be better if you sent it.  Amo too!  Oh - - can you send one for my companion too?  Mom when you send them - - do not write on the box "play guns" or "Nerf gun" it will get stolen for sure - - doesn't matter how many Virgin Mary stickers you put on that box - - LoL!
     Our mission is doing really well, it's really progressing. 
     Amo Vocês! Tchau Elder Akina

Front sign at the office

The requested teaching tools have been acquired and are ready to ship!
This is my Terere cup and Bomba, it's suuuuper good.  It's a drink.