Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week #75 Short and Sweet

Got a long letter this week . . . here is the stuff we can post.       

So - -  this week I finally got done with all the CPF's. Today, we are going to the Quinze stadium (the soccer team of Piracicaba), so that's going to be cool. We have a baptism next week! Woo hoo!
     Mmm but yeah thats pretty much it for this week. Super pumped the Rainbows won their first playoff game! Love you!
     Oh - - Mom,  I need a huge favor.  We are making the mission video, and we are putting video clips of missionaries in our mission got their calls, can you send mine? You guys recorded it, right?  If you could send that like ASAP that would be good. Oh even better, upload it to the drop box!! That makes it way easier to see - -  thank you!  Love you!  

We've cracked into the 20's!  Pretty darn exciting!
Elder Akina