Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week #79 Happy Birthday President Canuto

Hello Ohana,
     This week was cool, it was President Canuto's birthday, so we had a little party for him here in the office.  There is a multi zona coming up this week - - with the whole mission.  It will be President's last multi zona :/ .  Lol - -  I will buy President's plane ticket home. 
Happy Birthday President Canuto!
     This past week we've been going hard on the tracting, talking with everyone, and asking for references like crazy.  . . . . . I think one thing I've learned since I've been on my mission, is that the Holy Ghost is capable of everything and He touches all of Gods children.  So if we do our part, and find the RIGHT PEOPLE and the teach them in the RIGHT WAY, they will be able to feel Him, and there won't exist a reason to deny Him. 
    I put a bunch of fotos/ videos up hope you like them.  Love you.  Elder Akina

*Personal letter this week, as you can see - - a big part in the middle has not been posted per out Elder's request. He is doing great - - not to worry!

Kind of like - - Don't Mess with Texas!
Love this picture!

On the streets - - of Piracicaba!