Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week #80 Multi-Zona - - Pictures!

Hello Mother,
     I got the Faumui's box other day, it was sick!  It had cereal and everything - - - happy Elder!  I got yours too, thank you for the treats and needed items.  No one liked the Mexican candy, President spit it out in the trash, Brazilians don't go well with spicy stuff - - but I ate the rest so thanks LOL!  (Shout out to Sister Dolores Rios for the yummy candy!)
     We have a huge number of missionaries leaving with the Canuto's in June. Fernandes is already home (Training Companion), Andrade is already home, Johnson already home, Laurentis goes home in two weeks.  Nunes goes home in about a month and a half.  It is strange sending all of the Elder's I have served with home - - my time is short.
     Multi-Zona was huge.  All the missionaries were in attendance.  It's the Canuto's last one.  I will be sad to see them go - - I have learned a lot working along side President. 
     Have a great week and enjoy all the pictures.  Love Elder Akina
The Elder's at Multi-Zona
The Office Staff

Our Zone with the T-shirt I designed.

President Canuto's Boys

The best for last - - don't you love this one?!  Clever!