Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week #90 Happy Birthday Elder Akina

    This weekwas craaazy - - President Canuto left us :/  It was super sad to see him go but is bitter sweet moment because we knew we were getting a stud for a President.  President Bangerter!!   So on President Canuto's last night he took us, the Assistants and his councilors out to eat.  We had good talk about pretty much everything lol that was super cool.  President and Sister Bangerter got here the next day with the Canuto's here in the office.  We had a sign ready for them here and everything - - we talked about mission stuff and that was the last time President Canuto walked through the office :/  He called us into his office for the last time and thanked us for everything, super cool moment and then they left.
     President Bangerter then met with all of us, we chatted, then yesterday we had a meeting called conhecer seu Presidente, where all the missionaries came to Piracicaba to meet President Bangerter.  The logistics of this meeting were super hard to plan btw, we had lunch there too.  Last night I went with President Bangerter to do his visa stuff, Monday morning we will go again to take out a couple more documents he needs and to get his signature registered at the notary.  Yaaayy fun stuff!!  (Lol - - totally joking) 
     President Bangerter is like 6'6 so he's like a giant here in Brazil and Sister Bangerter is tiny!   They are super cool and really spiritual.  President Bangerter worked for the church before receiving his call, he was a product manager for the programs of the church.  His dad was President Faust's companion when he served in Brazil.  His dad served in Brazil when the mebership was 20 something in the country and the mission was the Brazil Mission - - like there was only one mission in the whole country!  So their family definatley has some pioneers here in the country. 
     I'm putting up some videos for you guys to see.   On Tuesday my zone did a little party for my b-day which was super cool.  Today I'm going over to some of my English students house for my b-day, were gunna eat there for lunch.  Tonight we will be with the Assistants for dinner for my b-day and then tomorrow there are some mebers here that are gunna do a party for me that im not supposed to know about.  However I do know because someone has a big mouth - - Lol!  So - - should be good, my birthday is taken care of Mom!

Love you guys!! tchau.  Elder Akina
Zone Birthday celebration!
"The Last Supper".  Aloha Oe President and Sister Canuto.  Ahui hou, malama pono.

Birthday boy!