Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week #91 Preparing for Multi-Zonas

     This wek is going to be crazy busy - - we have multi zonas so we're be traveling Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We're trying to get some stuff done today to make up those 3 days we're going to be out of the office.
     I will be in my first area (Sumaré/Portal Bordon) on Wednesday!  I've made plans to see some friends at the chapel down there - - so that's going to be cool.  It's been like a year and a half, that's sooo crazy to me.
Piracicaba, Brazil July 2016
     I will also bear my final testimony in these multi zonas (like every multi zona the missionaries going home before there will be a next one, bear their testimony in front of everyone) so I'm going to have to do that 3 times, should be good.
    I spent part of the week with President Bangerter doing his paper work etc . . . we chatted a lot about his family.  He told me about his 3 sons earning their Eagle Scout awards, just like me  - - cutting close to my 18th birthday - - LOL!  I am so full of cake!  I had 4 Birthday cakes last week - - I was well taken care of and now I am stuffed full of cake!

Make it a great week - - Love you guys. Falou  Elder Akina

Tag picture - - so green.

Birthday celebration with the office AP's

English students help celebrate my birthday!