Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #17 Vitor's Cousins are Baptized

Hi Mama,

     This week was good, and hot. We didn't have water for about a day and a half, were in a drought - -  right now.
     2 of Vitor's cousins got baptized this past weekend, they live in Portal Bordon A.   The other set of missionaries got them, but it was super cool, we are continuing to teach his Mom and Dad. Very exciting!
     Oh - - I got two packages,  1 from Auntie Tiare and 1 from Tutu! Ha ha - -  Tutu sent me Mountain House stuff, I was super stoked!  Thank you much.  Oh and I shared the Mochi Crunch with Irmao Parques, our neighbor, and it was a mistake.  He pretty much like ate all of it, ha ha!

Irmao Parquez with my mochi crunch..... brah go get your own!!
     I finish my training this week, I'm about to get tested on like a bunch of stuff on Tuesday.  PMG (Preach My Gospel) topics, lesson topics, inspired questions, missionary purpose D and C: 4, like a bunch of stuff I have to recite to the LZ (Zone Leader).  I'm feeling pretty good about it. 
     I got both your letters mom, the original one and the one you wrote "this is an extra copy" just in case I didn't get the one you sent to our house.  The spirit was very strong when I read your letter in Portuguese - - I feel it strong when I act, when it testifies to me.  I got mail this week cuz our Zone Leaders went down to Piracicaba for some meeting or something.  So yeah, that was pretty sweet!
This picture is special to me - - it is for Daddy Kanani.  He will know.
     How is your investigator lady?  It's super cool that the Sisters taught with you, I can't stress enough how important the role of the member in this work.  One of the most important things that members do is acompanhamento (fellowship). So invite her to a FHE that you and Dad have, have the missonaries over when you do it too.  Call her 1 day out of the week see how she's doing.  I know you probably do all of that but just in case - - he - -he.
Well that it for the week  - - tchau.  Love you Most, Elder Akina

Daaaaad! Haaazit :)  
     This week was a milestone for me, I had your infamous spaghetti, the noodles with ketchup. I took a pic of it, don't worry they didn't see me, but yeah like they cooked a thing of noodles and put it in like this bowl, and put it on the table with a bottle of ketchup next to it,!   I was like noooooo this is it, I'm getting the ketchup spaghetti!    It was actually not that bad. It's amazing what people give, I knew that's all they could afford to feed us, but they don't think twice about it.  If it's the Elders they will do anything for them, so humbling.
     When we all die and make it to the celestial kingdom, we're going to make guava chicken and potato salad - - the works... and we're going  to have them over to our celestial house so we can feed them!   

 Love you lots, will work hard this week, and like your uncle says Live Aloha :)