Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #19 Sickness & Details

Hey Mom,
     This week was good, it went by super fast. Here are some fun facts:
1. You don't knock on doors, you clap in front of the house.
2. You don't throw your toilet paper in the toilet, you put it in a seperate trash can thing.
3. There is this buffet by us,and if you leave a lot of food on one of your plates they charge you extra.
4. You dont speak English - -  ha ha!
5. The cockaroaches are huge man and they're black - - not brown.  So that makes them   like 2x freakier!  We have some in our house some times and I'll say, "Fernandez kill it dude!"  He tells me "why?" and I say,  "it's a cockroach that's why!"  He says, "just let it go", and I have to tell him, "No, you don't understand I won't fall asleep  tonight until I know that thing is dead!"
6. Milk isn't refrigerated, it's like sold in boxes. 
7. There is no peanut butter and no syrup - - ha - - ha!  Cravings!
8. Guarana... it's the name of this soda, it's like THE soda here, it's from the Guarana fruit.
9. DOGS.... everywhere.. but me and Fernandez have been here so long we've started naming some of the ones we see on the streets regularly.
10. Everyone wears slippers... I get so jealous sometimes, there is this brand of slippers called Havaianas , they're like the "Locals" of Brasil - - everyone wears them.
     I got sick this week, felt like crap for like 3 days, still worked tho, but it was pretty bad - - getting over it now.
     I really like it here, the people are super cool and it's very green everywhere.  We're having some problems with the marrigae of that family, they're missing a lot of stuff, documents.   So we are waiting for them to be sent down here.

bom semana para voce, Love you guys tchau :)  Elder Akina

It's so green here!

  Elder Akina and his Mom writing back and forth in Portuguese:
Favorite part of my Monday. If I happen to catch Elder Akina on line we get to chat for a few mintues back and forth.  I use my translator option on my e-mail at work!  It is so fun - - although Elder Akina responds very quickly in Portuguese - -
I have to translate in order to respond! 

MOM: Cole Dean, Baylor Romeny, Elise Machen e Andrew Stuart aguardam missões.  Vai ser emocionante ver onde vão!

Cole Dean, Baylor Romney, Elise Machen and Andrew Stuart are waiting for mission calls. 

Cole e Baylors deve estar de volta na próxima semana.  A chamada não tiver sido atribuída da Igreja HQ ainda.  Elise só mandou nos jornais na semana passada, Andrew enviará neste fim de semana.  Deve ser em breve e muito emocionante. Um do nosso filho TREK acaba de abrir sua todos ontem à noite, Arizona, Scottsdale
ELDER AKINA: quando eles vou receber o chamado deles
When will the calls come?
aahhh intende, vai ser muito legal
Ahhh, it's going to be so cool!
e que sobre Braxton
And What about Braxton?