Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week #18 Transfers - - Staying Put

Hey Mom,

     I haven't gotten any email from Ben, I think he has the wrong address - -  if you give me his I can write him.  We had transfers, I am staying in Portal Bordon, and with the same companion - - should be a great next 6 weeks.  We have got some really good working going on, I want to see it through.  We are working on helping Marcelo & Dedise get married.   

     This week it rained a butt load down here, which is good.  When we go knocking doors (if they have a door) people let us in way easier, they feel bad for us out in the rain yada yada.  My Ecco's are handling all the weather and walking great.

     I'm so pumped to know where Baylor's going on his mission.  Be sure to go when he opens his call.  Andrew too - - dang Mesa isn't going to have a Priest quorum left!  Oh mom  - - I hit 4 months yesterday!  I passes off all my new missionary training materials in Portuguese - - I am no longer "IN TRAINING"!  I am anxious to have my shot at being a trainer.

      I will continue to work hard this week.  We have a lot to follow up on.  I am not too big on the soft stuff - - just know I am more humble.  The work is what matters - - although I did see some Nike Elite socks on a dude last week and my heart ached for just a minute!

Tchau - - Love you Mama, Elder Akina

Elder Sosa cutting Elder Diaz hair.  We cut each other's hair.