Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #22 "Teaching Haitians"!

     Hey Mom - - I use the carbon monoxide detector, it's plugged in. Dang I can't believe that dog bit his ear off.  Super awesome about Andrew's call!

     I have good news and bad news. Bad news - - we didn't baptize Felipe this past Saturday, his dad shut it down.  His dad thinks he's too young to handle something like this. Good news  - - we are baptizing him this week!  We got the dad to finally come around, through a lot of prayer.  The dad signed off and it's all good!  So this Saturday it's on!

     We started teaching a bunch of Haitian people this week, there is this neighborhood that is straight Haitian.  So weird with the Schroeder's fireside!  We are teaching like 6 of them it's super cool!  It's kind of hard cuz only two of them speak Portuguese so they have to translate for the rest. They speak Creole. It's super cool. 

Me with my Haitian peeps!
     Being in Brazil there are still like a bunch of people that speak Spanish and so we do a bunch of contacts in Spanish.  I can understand everything.  Speaking it is different, but I can understand everything so it's pretty cool!   My companion talks to me in Spanish in the house.
The Haitian people are very friendly and welcoming. 
We love teaching them!
     I messed up this past week.  We went into house and there was this family and I asked the mom, if this was her son.  She said, no that is my husband.... and it just went silent in the room for like 20 seconds.  I didn't know what to say . . .  but guy looked like he was 17.  It was bad and I felt horrible.  My companion will never let me live it down. 

     Love you lots Mom.  Please ask the family to write me letters so I can read them on non- "P" days when I can't get to the computer.   Take care - - your Favorite Elder 

English Class banner on the meetinghouse

Elder Elias - - he rocks!