Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #21 "Are you from China?"

Hey Mom,

     The search for the rat continues, still haven't got him. 

     We have a baptism this Saturday with Felipe, he's 14 - - we're pumped about that.  We're also teaching this lady Marliza and a man named Carlos.   We teach a bunch of peeps, it is going good!   I use the object lesson book that you made for me - -  I taught one this week that worked really well.  

All smiles!
      3 other elders and myself teach an English class in the church!   A bunch of people come, it's sweet because everyone here in Brazil kills to learn English!  So it's a good way to meet people because everyone we invite to the class will come.

    We have interviews this week with President.   Has anyone else gotten their call besides Baylor?  Andrew?  

This green racket is my mosquito slayer, it's electric and sweet!  
I've taken countless lives with it!

     We were teaching a lesson this week and it was going good - - you could feel the spirit and everything; and she was being like completley silent which was weird.   When we  finished and asked her, "do you have any questions?"  She was quiet for like 30 seconds - - then looked at me and said,  "Are you from China?".   My companion and I just put our heads down like seriously!?  Ha - - ha frustrating when people aren't focused Lol!  I'll send pictures.   Love you all.  Tchau - - Elder Akina

Fernandez and I doing exercícios in the house