Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #27 Pray in Portuguese & 2 Boxes!

Hey Mom, 
     I already got both boxes!  The Nike jacket is sweet!!!  Thank you.  We had multi-zona this past week, which is zone conference in English. I gave Fernandez his birthday shirt, he loved it!  I got the speaker too, it works great. The peanut butter was also super good. 

Multi-Zonas: I am in the front row with Maka ani ani on
     This past week we have had 2 baptisms cancel, it was pretty rough.   Felipe doesn't want to be taught anymore,  he was so close.  We also had Irmao &*%$#@ cancel his date for this Saturday, he feels he is not ready.  He smokes 4 packs a day and cannot quit.  We will continue to work with him, I know he can do it.  

     Vitor continues to come to church.  We get to watch him prepare the sacrament and pass it every Sunday, he's a good kid.  I do get to go into other areas to work, Sumarae and Villa Flora, super cool areas!  When we do divisions.   So this week we will be finding a lot of novos - -  doing a lot of contacts and following up with some people in our area book. 
     My prayers have changed - - I don't say them in English anymore ha - - ha!  Even the ones in my head - - it's all Portuguese!  One time last week one of the members asked me to bless the food, but she wanted me to say the prayer in English.  So I did, but it was so hard, like it was super choppy!  What is going on! It's pretty funny how this all happens!  
    Oh yeah - - I will be able to Skype Mother's Day.  I will probably be in a different area, so I don't know where, but I know I will be able to.  This transfer is only 5 weeks long so May 5 is transfers, Cinco de mayo, lol.

     Love you! Oh yeah I need a yoga mat . . . my tail bone like hurts super bad from doing sit ups and crunches on our floor!  Send a jump rope please.  Thank you!!
     Mom this lady in my ward needs your help.  Her name is Sister Vanessa, she's been super good to us, always feeding us even the days when she didn't have to.  I told her you would try to help her, if you cant it's okay.  She is doing some workshop with the youth, and she needs those little scripture stickers that you mark your scriptures with.  They are like transparent,  you put them over the scripture verse.  They come in sets to mark like all your scriptures, she needs 12 sets.   She said if you could do it to send her the receipt so she can reimburse you. 

Elder Fernandez knocked out after a long day, didn't even take off his tie or anything!  Lol!

Our Christmas tree with the lights you sent!
The Mesa Primary package arrived!  Please tell them  thank you, I loved all their drawings! 
Awe - - good for Tommy Taylor!  (Friend who has moved to Utah, received mission call to serve in Virginia, Chesapeake mission)

Love you, I will work hard this week.  Your Favorite Elder