Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week #42 Mission Tour & Vitor

Hazzit Hazzit,
     The mission tour got cancelled, we got there and Elder Costa had some emergency so he couldn't come.  It has been rescheduled for this Friday, were going up to Rio Claro for it.          I did not get your box, but I will probably get it this Friday at the mission tour meeting.  Me and the Secretary are "boys", so he said he got me ;)  Holding the box. 

Working hard!
     The highlight of the week was definitely Thursday.  Wednesday night we were doing contacts on a street and I was talking to a lady and I got her address and everything.  Then I see this kid sitting on the hood of his car just chilling.  I got a super strong impression that I needed to talk with him, so I went over - - he said his name was Vitor.   I got his address and marked to stop by Thursday morning like around 10.  The next day we go to his house and clapped, but no one came out to the front.  We stayed there like five minutes clapping, and I was kinda bummed because I really felt like this kid had potential.  So we left Vitor's house and were going to visit someone else.  They weren't there either, so this day was not starting off very well.  
     I told my companion that we had to say a prayer, a prayer that we would find someone to teach that morning.  We proceeded to pray on the street, and where we were was like a good 20 minutes away from that kids house.  We started walking trying to feel the spirit on where to go  -  -  and then I see this guy sitting in front of his house on his phone with head phones in.  Again - - I received a super strong feeling that I needed to talk to this guy, but like I really didn't want to because people on their phones don't really pay attention to us.  I went anyway - - talked to him, he took his head phones out started to talk to me!  I told him that we had a message that we wanted to share with him and his family, so we invited us in.  When we got inside, who do we see sitting on the couch? . . . . Vitor! The kid that we contacted the day before.... ha - - ha, it was crazy.  I asked the guy who was sitting outside on the phone (his name is Marcos),"Dude why were you sitting outside ?  It's like super hot." He responded, "Dude I dont know!  I never go outside, but like about 5 minutes ago I was on my phone here on the couch and something just told me that I needed to be outside, so I went.  You guys showed up minutes later."  It was super cool - - we taught that whole family the first lesson it was super good.
     We are finding a lot of good families.  We have two possibles for this week (baptisms). The work is moving. I had something made for you here in Aracy, it is super cool. I mailed it home to you.  Happy Birthday Mom!  You're going to love it!

Love you guys.  Elder Akina  

Elder Akina remembered his Mama's Birthday!  Love this boy!