Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week #63 The Christmas Skype

 Hey Mom - - 
     Okay the pictures I sent are all in Dropbox.  It's waaay easier to put them there, they upload like instantly.  You can download from there, and share them.  There are a bunch of pictures from Christmas there.  Plus a video, the video is crazy! 
At the Nativity
     So the first pic is me at a Nativity, the next one is an alligator that we found in a roundabout in the middle of the city lol, watch the video at the end to see more fottage of the Alligator.   The next picture is Christmas eve dinner at President´s house, then the food that we ate - -  the pics of the dessert, (my pudim is on the right, there are two in like ring form) it was good.  The next one is us with the gifts President gave us, and after that the gift we all got President and Sister Canuto, they are jerseys of the Piracicaba Quinze, the football team for the city.  They loved them! 
The Alligator - - - Elder Akina'a Mom is asking, why do you have to stand so close?  Run!
     Super nice talking to everybody yesterday..  It was awesome to have the family there and to chat with Elder Hee!  Send me the video of my testimony, or put it in the dropbox, so i can see it. It's good to know everyone's doing great, 
The Jersey's!
See my desserts!
     I love you all,. tchau  Elder Akina

Christmas Skype Details:
Tell us about the office:  
  • It is very different than what I am use to.  We catch taxi's every where - - not as much walking.  I miss the streets and teaching, but the office is a great experience.
  • A lot of responsibility keeping paper work straight with Visa's etc . . . 
  • My companion is Elder Johnson, he is from Nebraska, his family moved to Dallas while he's been out on the mission.  He goes home in a week or so.
  • I have to tell missionaries NO when they ask for stuff, like new phones.  I am the hammer!
  • I provide a lot of translation support for our office as we communicate with church HQ and parents in the U.S.  I have really taken the time to learn the language as a native speaker.  I love speaking with the people.  When they think I am Brazilian I feel like I have forged that bridge of trust - - I want them to know I care enough to speak as they do.   When they ask me to speak English to prove I am American I fail!  It's pretty funny!
    Happy Mama
  • I will travel the mission with the President in January  - - my power point and portion of the training is complete and ready to go!
  • Our apartment is a 10 minute walk from the office. 
  • We typically proselyte from 6 - 9 p.m. everyday, some days we get tied up in the office and don't make it.   
  • There is a really nice market, Carrefore Market - - it has everything I need.
  • We Hoop every Monday, Elder Johnson and I are known as the guys in the white shirts.  They play us by fouling - - trying to beat us.  Have not lost a game yet.  Oh - - I gave my Kobe's away. They aren't important or part of the spirit of the mission.
Where did you spend Christmas:
  • We ate Christmas eve dinner at the mission home.  It was awesome - - really good food.  I made that custard desert!
  • The Canuto's loved their jerseys.
Did you get your Christmas Boxes?
  • Got your's mom and dad, Aunty Tiare, lots of Christmas cards and M & M's from Aunty Debby.  I had to pay to pick up the M & M's but not the boxes, go figure!
  • I love the Christmas Garland!  The letters each day were awesome  - - thank you to the family members who wrote to me!
  • I got letters from the seminary class, please tell them thank you!  Seminary is at night here.
English Class:
  • We are on break for the holidays, we resume on January 6th. 
  • I love teaching English, we average 30 to 35 people a class.
  • I use post it notes to play games with them - - this invites interaction as they talk to each other.  
  • I keep in touch with Elder Romney and Elder Hatch.  Elder Kendrick emails me too.  
  • He asked about Elder Stuart in Russia, Elder Stuart in Spain, Elder Slade in Angola, Elder Kendrick in Nicaragua and his Spanish, Elder Nelson in Sweden and Elder Gilbert in Alabama.
  • I get lots of emails, tries to respond even if it is a short hello!
Elder Akina in Brazil and Elder Hee in Washington state - - -skyping!
Love technology!

Love this kid!
Ohana chatting with our Elder!