Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #81 New Family, Busy Office & Pictures

Hey Mom,
     So this week was alright, the office is really busy.  We have transfers coming up this next week.  We found this super cool family we have started to teach that will be at church on Sunday.  They are really special.
     This is my companion's last week on the mission, his parents are coming to pick him up.  I'll go out to eat with him and his family, so that's going to be cool.  We have some missionaries from Africa coming this transfer.
          It's getting super cold here in Piracicaba.  I'm putting a bunch of pictures up for you guys. Love you! Falou  Elder Akina

P-Day at the Futbol Stadium
That's my boy!

The Gang!

Can you say Happy Elder?  This was his life before the mission!

Who can guess why his shirt is untucked?

No surprises here!  Still got it! 
Back to work Elder!