Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #95 Poco de Caldas - - Lovin' It!

     This week has been sooo good!  I am training Elder F. Silva from Fortaleza Ceara - -  he's dooope.  He is learning really fast, we are teaching a lot.  Every house we knock we are trying to get in to teach and we are having success.  We only had 3 days to work in our area this week because of the transfer, however we had 3 people at church on Sunday!  One is a couple that we found knocking doors Saturday night right before we were going home.  We got into their house and taught the Restoration, killed it!   They wanted to know more and they were at church yesterday!  
     We are working closely with the Bishop so that we can have a family with us the next time we teach on Tuesday.  We are talking with everyone!   We do not let anyone pass us without talking to them and trying to get there address to teach.  Our focus this week is getting people to church!!  I want at least 8 investigators at church on this Sunday.  Everyone were teaching will be visited Friday and Saturday to go to church, if they don't go, were cutting them - - we cant waste any time with people that won't progress. 
     We went on splits these past 2 days in a row, so the ward is getting very involved with our work and getting to know a lot of these new investigators we are finding.  I want Elder Silva to know how much better the work is when we work with the ward!  It's so much easier and effective.  We are also teaching a lot of less actives that haven't been visited in like 5-10 years that were buried in our area book.  I have to give the missionaries credit that were here before, the area book was very well organized and it made it that much easier for us to hit the ground running here - - despite not knowing anything/one.  
     Elder Silva is learning really fast, his teaching is improving, his contacting too.  We are studying really effectively, he memorizing the topics and scriptures for everything and I am doing it with him since I've been in the office for 9 months.  Extra practice cannot hurt me - - Lol. 
     My District is good, they're all sisters - - but they are such a good example to me.  I feel like I'm the one that's learning from them.  I'll take a pic tomorrow of our District in District meeting for you guys. Mahalos.  Love your Elder Akina
President Bangerter - - Zone while at the office.

Transfers - - at the bus station headed out!

Elder Christensen from Mesa, Arizona - - this is for his Mom who reads the blog!

Elder Silva - - my new companion