Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, December 29, 2014

Week #11: Feliz Natal

     Hazzit my people!  This week went by fast. Christmas was good, we worked.  It was pretty much a normal day, I'm super pumped to get all the mail from family!  I'll get it in about a week.

     It was so sweet talking with you guys, I'm glad you guys are doing good.  I didn't get an email from Keapo, but if you give me her e- mail I can write.

Felt good to sit in a car!  Too bad we can't use it!
     This week we had someone that wanted to give us a car.  Irmao Thomas, he told us,"you guys walk too much - -  take my car, it's yours."   But he was like serious, of course we said no.  However, people here will not stop at anything to give, they would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.  

Turkey!  Best meal yet!

The lunch we had Christmas eve day was the best one we've ever had!  We actually knew what kind of meat it was, we had turkey.

     Oh Elder +=*&%$@ got transferred
:( idk where he went but he's not here anymore.

     Aye and you guys got to here my Portuguese, that was cool.  Nothing really new this week especially since we talked!  Same old - -  I will send pics right now.  Love you lots! 

Christmas Day Talk:

Love Modern Technology
Happy Mama!
  •  Gained 8# in the CTM, has lost 7 of those 8 pounds. 
  • Averages 8 - 10 miles a day on foot.  If an appointment cancels we will walk upwards of 12 miles that day.
  • In the CTM there were some college football players - - they taught the missionaries some chants - - got us all going - - brotherhood!
  • Elder Fernandez is my companion - - he is from Peru. He has worked his whole life, helping to support his family.  He is a beast.  I have learned most of my Portuguese from him, he is an excellent teacher.  I am also learning Spanish.  He asks me every night,  "Do you Deserve to Sleep?".  This means did I work hard and give the Lord my best.  If the answer is yes then I deserve to sleep.  If no, then I need to get up and work some more! 
  • A Favela is a shanty type home, made of cardboard or tin.  When we track there we can't take anything with us but one paper back Book of Mormon.  No bags, no watches etc . . . this keeps us safe.
  • We eat a lot of fruit.  When we have a lunch appointment cancel on us - - this is our lunch meal for the day - - we pray other food will be provided to us.  Many times fruit vendors will offer fruit as we are walking.  A tender mercy.
  • Been on splits (trade companions for the day and work in a different area)  to Sumare - - 30 minute bus ride. 
  • Funny story:  There was a man on the street - - he approached us.  He told us he needed to touch our faces.  I said, "No way man!"  My companion let him palm his face.  Elder Fernandez was getting uncomfortable - - I told the dude to let my companion go.  He said no while trying to touch me.  I told him no again and pulled his hand off of Elder Fernandez.  My companion was quite upset at this point!  As we walked away Elder Fernandez said, "as soon as he touched me I lost the spirit!" 
  • Braxton Hatch, Baylor Romney & Carlie
  • Hearing Elder Akina speak Portuguese and bearing witness to the work was the highlight of our phone call.  Love this kid!
Erik Glover facing timing Elder Akina
The Bus!