Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #36 Elder Rodriguez

     I'm super happy for Keapo! 

     That couple has not gotten married yet - - we are still working on details.  We are still teaching Davie and Jessica.  We found a new family Thursday.   We were on the street and it was pouring!  I was searching for a particular address on this one street and this street had like every single number except the one we needed!  So I thought lets go back up the street I probably missed it!   We went up and down 3 times and couldn't find it!   It was pouring rain, so finally me and my companion just like found this tin roof thing and stood there to wait out the rain.  Then this voice from across the street goes,  "Hey, you guys want to come in or you wanna keep walking up and down this street like weirdo's?" (in Portuguese).  So we ran over to his door and he let us in!  We taught him and his wife and they loved it!  We are going back tonight!  Oh yeah and they are married!!  Which is like super rare here!

      My new companion is cool, Elder Rodriguez.  He's from Brasilia.  We work good together.  
Elder Rodriguez, new companion June 2015
     I'll send pics right now.  I'm about to faint in front of this computer - -  this is the third time we've fasted in like 10 days - - ha - - ha!   

Okay tchau - - love you more Mama!  

P.S.  Hey Dad!  Happy belated Father's Day!  Thank you for everything you have done for Me, Carlie, Keapo and Anna and continue to do for us, Love You Pops!
Back in the day!  Happy Father's Day Pops!