Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #37 Fasting Works!

Hazzit hazzit!

     Yes someone is making me a cake!  One of our investigators, Davie and Jessica, we're going over to their house Friday - -  it should be good.

     I baptized this week!!!  The drought has finally ended!  It is amazing what prayer and fasting can do.  His name is Celso, he is 10.  We were eating lunch at a member's house, and he was there.  Celso is their nephew, so I started talking to him and it turned out he had been to church before.  He thought it was okay, so we set up an appointment with him.  We taught him everything in about a week, and he progressed super fast - - he read everything we gave him.  He developed a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  We then asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes!  Originally I was going to baptize him, but then we remembered his Uncle had just gotten the priesthood, like 2 months ago (his Uncle is a recent convert in our ward).  So we invited the Uncle to baptize him.  So Celso was baptized by his Uncle and now has set a goal to serve a mission.  So proud of that kid, he is definitely a special one. 

Celso and His Uncle at the baptism.
     It's super crazy too because the first time we talked to him during that lunch 2 weeks ago, I didn't really think he was interested.  Then we fasted that Saturday, just for 1 baptism - - we just wanted a baptism, our Heavenly Father came through!  

    We have this new family that we found this past week that is absolutely terrific!  They're married by the law (extremley rare) they have three kids, they don't smoke or drink (again, extremley rare) and they're progressing!  The way we met them was through their son Kyle.  We were walking on the street and then like out of no where this group of kids like 15-17 years olds, start yelling behind us cuss words in English.  People in this area are kind of familiar with the missionaries and know that a majority of them are American.  They know all the cuss words from music or video games and that type of thing.  So when I heard them cussing I got super excited!  It's an oppurtunity to get to know them  - - you know?  So I turned around and went up to them and in English said,  "Oh you guys speak English?", and all of them looked at me like, "Oh this guy really is from the states!".   None of them said anything, then I asked them, "Who wants to learn English?".  (in Portuguese)  3 of them said me - - me - - me!  One of them was Kyle!  So I set up times to go pass all of  their houses.    2 other kids weren't home when we went to visit - -  but Kyle was!  So yeah - - what a way to meet the youth!  He's super cool!
     This week was a good one!  We are planning on baptizing this Sunday again!   Keep praying for our families - - we are working hard!  Love you guys.  Thank you for the Birthday wishes!  Please remind the family if they send a box it has to be valued at less than $50 or I have to pay a tariff to pick it up.  I have a box sitting for pick up - - I have to pay $52 Real (Real is Brazilian Currency).

Love you - - Elder Akina