Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week #44 Victor's Baptism

Hazzit Everyone,
    This week was super good - - we baptized yesterday!!!  His name is Victor (the second Victor I have baptized here in Brazil), he is the sister of Maria Eduarda (the girl we baptized last week).  Victor is 13 years old and an awesome kid!  Super smart, funny - -  just really fun to be a around.  I confirmed Maria yesterday in Sacrament meeting.  We will baptized their Mom this Saturday - - so we got that coming up.
Victor Eduarda's Baptism, August 16, 2015.
     We've been working pretty hard, I'm super tired.  1 more pair of my pants ripped this week.  I need that box that is waiting at the mission office with my new pants!  Our ward is big, it has about 110 people (which is big for here).  There are some areas in our mission that have branches with like 8 members, so I've been really lucky to be in wards.  I'm super pumped about that kid Larry (New convert in our ward), I hope he's still at home when I get back so I can meet him.
    In our home we have my district leader, Elder Farnsworth, from Mesa, Arizona.  He is the companion of Elder Beaton - -  from Atlanta, Georgia.  They're Aracy A & we are Aracy B.

Elder Farnsworth our District Leader

     As far as my hump day box goes, I could use new ties & peanut butter.   I would love more teaching tools like object lessons.  Oh pens, like good pens, like clicky pens, because the ones with the caps when I put them in my shirt the caps come off when were walking and end up marking my shirt.
     Mission tour picture is of this is half of our mission.  See if you can find me, Elder Costa is right next to the president.  I'm in the left corner by the stage opening.   
     Not a lot of interesting stuff happened this week, just worked, taught, and exercised - - that's pretty much it.  Keep the faith!
Love you guys!  Your favorite Elder.
P.S. President Canuto sent me this awesome message in his weekly e-mail!  I am pumped!

Te amo Elder Akina sei que és um grande missionario
e penso que está na hora de você ajudar mais essa Missão!! Esteja pronto

Love you Elder Akina, I know you're a great missionary
and I think it's time for you to help this Mission!  Be ready!