Elder Akina

Elder Akina

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #45 Cleuza's Baptism

Hazzit Everybody,
     This week was good, we baptized Cleuza!  She is Maria & Victor's mom.  She is a really strong person - - her husband died a while back and she raised her family on her own.  When we taught her about the Word of Wisdom  - - that very same day she got all the coffee she had in her house and said "take it"!  We took all of it back to our house - -  so now we make coffe every morning, great way to start off the day - -  LoL.  Cleuza's baptism was super spiritual, one of the best I've witnessed.  
     We have another baptism coming up this Saturday, her name is Jessica, she is 18.  We've been teaching her for a while, but we have finally commited her to baptism.  It was right after the baptism of Cleuza,  Jessica felt the spirit super strongly there.  Please pray that we can baptize her this Saturday - - support is always needed.
Cleuza's Baptism August 23, 2015  Aracy
     We live across the street from a family of a mom and 3 boys.  3 nights ago we heard this sound at like 11 p.m. at night,  "Mom!! Mom! Mom!!"  For 45 minutes we heard this kid yelling his mom's name at the top of his lungs!  His mom would not let him in and she told him he better find a place to sleep because he would not be entering in the house.  So he knocks on our door and asks if he can crash at our place and at first we said no.   But then we talked it over and decide to give him one of the extra matresses that we had, so we put it outside on the road for him and he slept outside our house.  I felt bad for him, it was SUPER cold that night.  When we woke up the next morning and the matress was there chilling on the road in front of our house.  Super surprised no one stole it! 
     We taught English this past Saturday, to a bunch of kids and used the basketball hoop that Aunty Buffy sent me as one of the games.  They had to form a phrase and then make a basket, that type of stuff - - it was super effective! 
English class
     Did you get the box I sent it to the house?  I got jipped man.  The little box that I sent you was filled with a bunch of stuff - - like my old planners, pictures and Brazilian candy.  I got to the post office and they scaled it - - the lady told me the total was 160 Reals.  So I had to take a bunch of stuff out and redo it because I didn't have the money.  It's super expensive to send stuff here in Brazil.
     Transfers are in two weeks - - working hard to finish out these next two weeks!  Great week - - and were ready for another one. SÓ BATIZA

Love your favorite Elder 

59 weeks to go - - time is flying by!